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In Berlin, the Federal Republic of Germany Through the Information Capture Conference (ICC8) PFU - a FUJITSU Company has honored Al-Ola Modern Systems as the Partner of the year 2020 in the Middle East and Africa region on for achieving and implementing major projects in the field of scanning and digital transformation in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The award was received Al-Ola CEO Eng. Abdel Hamid Kabeel & Eng. / Ola Kabeel - Vice President of the company. In the same celebration, the distributing agreement of Al-Ola Company was signed to be an authorized distributor for scanning and digital transformation Devices produced by FUJITSU International.

March 17th, 2020 11:00 AM

Al Ola was founded on the idea that technology could help the world work smarter. Today, we continue to provide a vision of digital transformation for organizations all over Egypt. We believe in innovation and collaboration—among our employees, partners and customers—which has led to the solutions that move industries forward.

Our Mission

Is to provide a full range of Information & Data Management solutions including services, consulting & staffing that maximizes our client’s full business potential through the use of modern technology. Our overall goals are to provide real business value, efficiency & ease the transition of digital transformation for our clients while creating professional growth opportunities for our employees.

Our Vision

Is to remain the most reliable and affordable digital business service provider, setting the highest standard for quality and customization through value-added IT services that our clients can consistently count on to meet their expectations. AL Ola intelligently provides solutions to overcome their business and technology challenges.


Excellent customer service

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Social responsibility

After twenty-eight-years of continuum hard work, I can tell my colleagues and partners – and all who participated in building this entity - you are the owners of this achievement. You have achieved something you have to be proud of it. Your company, which began in 1986 as a modest and small entity, now became one of the important sites that serves this nation and its government sites with the best services in the field of information technology. I say to our customers - who represent most of the information centers in various government sites - we are with you and we look forward for the best to our country. We renew the covenant and the promise to earn your trust. God bless us all. Eng. Abdel Hamed Kabeel - Founder and CEO

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Al-Ola offers a flexible range of customizable Service Level Agreements to cover all our systems to help customer resolve hardware & software issues quickly and conveniently.


To achieve absolute client satisfaction through effective delivery of high quality, and to meet the commercial reality in the workplace.


Al-Ola Outsourcing offers a variety of value added services to our customers to assist them especially, in the field of imaging solutions, archiving and educational assessment.

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Digital transformation projects implemnted by the company in 2019

Cairo, Egypt

Greater Cairo Water Co.


Cairo, Egypt

The Ministry of Environment Through the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Avision, Xerox

Cairo, Egypt

Public Prosecution (Prosecution of Egypt)


Alexanderia, Egypt

Bibliotheca of Alexandria

Avision, ,Xerox, Image Access


Installation and Configuration of BOOKEYE 4 SCANNERS from Image Access Co. .Used to scan Books in 120 and 180 degrees with 400dpi quality and convert them to the following Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, multipage PDF and TIFF, DICOM and many more.

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