Extek Model 2150 Silver Film Duplicator

Silver Film Duplicators

  • Self-threading design provides an additional convenience
  • Easy-to-read indicator shows the film remaining in the magazine
  • Simplified controls for ease-of-use.
  • Upon completion of the duplicating cycle, the Model 2150 automatically stops.
  • Visible and audible signals announce the completion.
  • Unique automatic step test feature of Model 2150

Product Details

Film Size
2.5 mil to 6 mil thickness
Master and duplicating films may have sprocket holes; however,sprocket-hole registration is not maintained .
Film Type
Master: Silver Halide, Diazo or Vesicular
Duplicate: Silver Halide, direct duplicating or print film.
Film Capacity
Duplicate Supply: Max. roll dia. 4.2 mil 2.7 mil
Magazine:10.5 in (27 cm) 1600 ft (488m) 2400 ft (731 m)
Master Supply: 5 mil 4 mil 2.5 mil
Camera Type: 120 ft (36m) 160 ft (49 m) 220 ft (67m)
Duplicating Speed
50' per min (15m per min), fixed
Automatic Step Test
Six levels of expose, with signature between levels
Increments are 2% of full exposure range, beginning from baseline of exposure control dial setting.
AC Input (single phase): 105 to 125 volts, 60 Hz
Current: 1.4 amps, max