Extek Model 3441 Silver Film Duplicator

Extek Model 3441Silver Film Duplicator


  • Designed to produce high quality duplicates from old, curled and damaged masters .
  • Works with all types of master films, putting the least possible stress on fragile masters, even with nitrate or acetate backings.
  • Duplicates common quality 16mm or 35mm film at 150 feet per minute.
  • Design simplicity and quality in manufacture account for excellent reliability enjoyed by our users
  • Convenient threading mechanism permits instant, high quality operation.
  • Low maintenance requirements; most common service can be done in a matter of minutes.
  • Digital speed and exposure readout also available

Product Details

Film Size
16mm and 35mm
Film Type
Master: Silver Halide, Diazo or Vesicular
Duplicate: Silver Halide
Print form (image reserved)
Direct duplicating (image not reserved) Film may have sprocket holes; however, sprocket registration is not maintained
Film Capacity
Maximum roll diameter, 10 inches (25cm); diameter of full roll must not exceed five (5) times the core diameter.
Duplication Speed
150 (46 meters) per minute, nominal
Exposure Lamp
250 W tungsten halogen
180 line pairs/mm, minimum
Heat Load
Less than 94- BTU/hr (275W) standby
Less than 1710 BTU/hr (500W) when duplicating
Spindle Configuration
5/16" of 1" spindles, operator changeable
Width- 30.5" (77.5cm)
Depth- 21.0" (53.5cm)
Height-35.0" (88.9cm)