Extek Model 5441 Diazo Film Duplicator

Extek Model 5441 Diazo Film Duplicator

Diazo Duplicators

  • 0 to 80' per minute; average masters using black diazo process between 40 and 50 FPM
  • Closed-Loop aqueous system permits safe and odorless operation in an office environment
  • Operator convenience and safety features provide protection from stray ultraviolet light
  • Universal fittings for convenient use of commercially-available ammonia and absorber
  • Will duplicate up to 200 rolls of film per day; 16mm/35mm

Product Details

Film Size
Film Roll Diameter
9.5"; (241mm) maximum
Film Type
All available Diazo materials
Film supply Master & Duplicate
200'; 615 meters (2.4 mil).
Machine Speed
Variable, up to 80 fpm (24mpm)
180 lines/mm minimum
20 to 24 Baume aqueous ammonia
Absorber system
2.5 gal (9.51) reservoir
Optional features
Film cleaner Model TR129
Bi-directional rewind system and optional work table

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