IMAGELINK 3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner

DV Plus

  • This digital scanner has front panel controls within easy reach. Operators can switch from printing to scanning to PC at the touch of a button. High-resolution, anti-glare screens with adjustable brightness settings minimize eye fatigue.

Product Details

Screen Size
303 mm x 440 mm (12 in. x12 17 in.)
Film Formats
Microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16 & 35 mm roll film, 16 mm 3M & ANSI cartridges
Lens Magnifications
7.5x engineering fixed lens, 9-16x, 13-27x, and 20-50x zoom lenses
Focus control
manual (optional auto-focus kit where available)
Image Rotation
Automatic for printing; motorized for viewing
Scanning Speeds
4.5 seconds @ 200 dpi
Scanning Resolution
200, 300, 400, 600, 800 dpi (restricted image size)
Recommended Daily Volume
1,000+ scans per day
Electronic Zoom
200, 300, 400, 600, 800 dpi (restricted image size)
Multiple Prints
1-99 prints
Video (direct printing); PC (USB2).
Exposure control
Automatic & manual.
Scanning Features
Auto centering, auto frame masking, auto image rotation, auto skew correction, footswitch (optional), grayscale scanning (with PowerFilm Software only), manual masking and cropping (optional)