IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series

Archive Writer

  • Diversify your records management and reduce your exposure.
  • Put your Reference Archiving on autopilot.
  • Maintain the Information and Let the Data Go.
  • Complete your records management strategy.
  • Implement Reference Archiving with speed and quality.

Product Details

The Reference Archive Process
A Reference Archive begins with a robust record capture subsystem, built around the proven architecture of the IMAGELINK Archive Writers.
Compression Factor ------ 9610 Throughput* ----- 9620 Throughput* ----- Packing Density
24:1 ------ 85 ----- 170 ------ 6,600 images/roll.
40:1 ------ 200 ---- 400 ------ 17,000 images/roll
Media loading
Media loading is facilitated by the IMAGELINK Smart Cassette, Model 100 and Model 215. For automatic redundancy, two cassettes can be used at once to produce two sets of output with no reduction in throughput speed.
Compact, archival storage is provided by IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media. This standard 16mm, high-quality microfilm is ISO/ANSI-certified for a life expectancy of 500 years when properly processed and stored under controlled conditions.