Plan Scan 600s fb

Plan Scan 600s fb

A0 Flatbed Scanner

  •  mobile A0+ flatbed scanner for large, fragile single sheet documents such as newspapers, photographs, maps, architectural drawings and other originals that do not require a book cradle or cannot be stressed by a feeder.
  •  It provides high quality images based on state of the art technology. Bitonal, grey scale or color images can be produced at an optical resolution of 1200 dpi.
  •  Due to its deviation of less than ± 0.08% in geometrical and dimensional accuracy the PlanScan 600s fb is ideal for usage in the GIS, cartography and land survey environment.
  •  Regardless of its size the PlanScan 600s fb is still a mobile device. Even a single person can to relocate the scanner. Simply unlock the flatbed, fold it up and off you go.

Product Details

specs of Image Access PlanScan 600s fb.
Maximum Scan Area
915 x 1270 mm / 36 x 50 inch.
Optical Resolution
1200 dpi .
Scan Speed
300 dpi color 12 seconds
600 dpi color 24 seconds
Color Depth
36 bit color / 12 bit grayscale
Scan Output
24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale, bitonal, enhanced halftone
 File Formats
PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, PNM, TIFF decompressed, TIFF G4 (CCITT)
ICC Profiles
Adobe RGB and native. Individual profiling via web based Scan2ICC subscription.
 Camera
3 x CCD camera, 67,500 pixels.
Light Source
White LEDs, according IEC 60825-1: class 1, no IR/UV emission
Lamp Life Time
50,000 h (typ.)
 Computer
64 bit Linux, Intel i3, dual core processor, 8 Gigabyte RAM
 Interface
1 GBit Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based Scan2Net® Interface
 Dimension
W: 180 D:120 H:95
 Weight
108 kg
 Operating Temperature
5 to 40 °C, 40 to 105 °F
 Relative Humidity
20 to 80 % (non-condensing)
55 dB(A )(Book cradle motor working) / < 42 dB(A) (Scanning) / < 33 dB(A) (Standby)

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