• Compatible with both OMR and imaging scanners, Remark Classic OMR® software provides an efficient, cost-effective tool to help you quickly process tests and basic surveys, and generate a variety of powerful reports. With support for more than 30 different applications, you also can transfer the scanned information into the format of your choosing—including SPSS®, Access®, Excel®, SQL Server®, Dbase™, and Lotus®.

Product Details

Works with our Scantron® desktop scanners.
Produces output that can be saved to over 30 different formats including: SPSS®, Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® SQL Server®, dBase™, Lotus®, Paradox®, HTML and many more.
Supports bar code reader, transport printer and select stacker scanner options.
Prints date and time stamp, field values, record numbers and other data on forms.
Processes multiple-page and double-sided standard or custom scannable forms.
Pre-defined templates to process over 30 popular Scantron scannable forms–no additional set-up is needed.
Supports form ID marks and litho codes.
Allows users to add data (Course IDs, etc.) to the front of a data record with batch header sheets.
Context sensitive help is available by pressing F1 in all windows.
One year of technical phone support included with purchase.
View sample reports generated by Remark Classic OMR® software
• Identify and report on subtests that can be aligned to learning objectives.
• Aggregate data from multiple locations.
• Sort and filter data based on demographic information.
• Built-in analysis module, Remark Quick Stats®, can grade tests, tabulate basic surveys, perform statistical analysis, calculate cross tabs, produce grade reports and even generate charts and graphs.
• Calculates statistics including: student grades, respondent and item statistics, mean, standard deviation, percent score, total score, Z score, P value, point biserial and many more.
• Save answer keys online for future use.
• Allows for real-time database verification of respondent ID and demographic information.
• Allows for the correction of errors while scanning pages or flags them for later correction.
• Ability to adjust answer key after reviewing item analysis and rescore without rescanning.
• Grade Wizard guides you through grading tests, where you can set point values, respondent ID fields, subjective fields, grade scales and specify subtests.
Remark Classic OMR, Remark Quick Stats and Principia are registered trademarks of Gravic, Inc. SPSS is a registered trademark of SPSS Inc., Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, dBASE is a registered trademark of dBASE Inc., Lotus is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, Paradox is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation.